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The Difference is Night and Day


At Lightshade, we emphasize quality over quantity and stand out amongst the growing crowd. From our passionate, highly-trained and educated budtenders, to our organic grow practices; we go a step further to give you an unparalleled experience. ... Read full article

Black Hawk - Your Best Bet For Fun!


Whether you’re coming to Black Hawk to get away from the daily stresses or to enjoy gaming at our casinos, dining in our excellent restaurants or learn our rich cultural history – we encourage your right to feel adventurous.... Read full article

Forget Indica and Sativa - Ask About Terpenes


One of the many things that makes Colorado a great place to visit is legal marijuana. Before you make your purchase, it’s important to understand some basics about cannabis. ... Read full article

Cripple Creek Gaming History


Gold miners of the 1890s sought riches - not only by laboring deep under Cripple Creek, but also by playing games of chance in the boomtown’s saloons and casinos. When Colorado legalized limited stakes gambling in 1991, casinos sprang up!... Read full article