Butterfly Pavilion and Invertebrate Zoo

Butterfly Pavilion and Invertebrate Zoo offers something for everyonefrom our Crawl-a-see-em, and Wings of the Tropics (our amazing tropical rainforest where over 1,600 butterflies rule the air), to Water’s Edge and Invertebrate World, our exhibits offer countless ways to be amazed!

At Butterfly Pavilion you will experience nature’s most fascinating animals from land, air, and sea. Hold Rosie our favorite tarantula, touch sea stars, and immerse yourself in our butterfly rainforest. We house over 5,000 living invertebrates and our exhibits allow guests an up close view of incredible creatures from around the world. In addition to our indoors exhibits, Butterfly Pavilion features beautiful botanic gardens and trails to explore.

Butterfly Pavilion

 We are an AZA accredited zoo and we were the first stand-alone zoo of its kind, so don’t miss the opportunity to see something extraordinary!

 In addition to our wonderful zoo, our research and conservation projects are impacting the world, and our educational programs offer a platforms for young and old to become stewards of the environment and champions for invertebrates and pollinators around the world.  Your visit supports those efforts!

Open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily

Plan your visit and learn more at: Butterflies.org

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17 May 2017

By James Jackman