Denver's Union Station - Denver's New Hub for the 21st Century

 Denver’s Union Station is the place to go to experience the sophistication and maturity which Denver has grown into over the last decade.  The plaza in front of Union Station spouts arching fountains reminiscent of a piazza in Rome or an open air café in France.  This 100-year old historic landmark retains its historic charm while offering modern amenities like free wi-fi , the essential necessity for every traveler.  
     Union Station is a revitalized destination transportation hub that includes something for everyone, from the local shuffl eboard player to the distinguishing world traveler. This is all due to the vision, tenacity, and efforts of preservationist Dana Crawford, Chief Executive Offi cer of Urban
Neighborhood, Inc.  alongside a team of talented individuals known as the Union Station Alliance (USA).
     The station welcomed up to 80 trains daily in its heyday.  Soldiers who served in World War I and World War II and former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman all walked through the same great hall which still houses it 65-foot high original grand barrel vaulted ceiling.  Even the original ticketing window remains as a testament to the multitudes of travelers who stood in that same spot over the last century.  
     Today’s Union Station hosts not just Amtrak trains but the RTD (Regional Transportation District) regional and intercity bus system, bicycles, taxis, the FREE 16th Street Mall Ride, and light rail. FasTraks connects downtown to the Denver International Airport.
     Union Station is now home to the ultra-modern urban luxury hotel named in honor of Dana Crawford herself.  The Crawford Hotel is a 112-room marvel that embraces the historical architecture of the building and features unique artwork such as mounted jackalopes  with bowties in the suites. A walk through the hotel evokes a visit to a carefully curated art gallery hosting unique paintings which harken to the Victorian-era of Union Station’s glory days, along with modern lines.
     Each restaurant and shop residing in Union Station is a locally-based business chosen to represent Colorado to travelers as they arrive, depart, or just visit.  Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee, eat an ‘all fresh ingredients’ lunch, or enjoy a fi ne dining experience, there is a restaurant to accommodate you.  The iconic Tattered Cover bookstore has a small outpost available for the literary traveler, and there are some specialty stores offering “doodads and whatnots” for souvenirs and gifts. 
    Denver’s Union Station deserves to be a destination all by itself, but you will be impressed with everything it has to offer even if you are using it as your travel gateway to Denver’s lower downtown. Colorado locals and international travelers alike will find this transportation landmark worth stopping at for lunch or a photography opportunity. For more information visit or just go straight to 1701 Wynkoop St. to experience it first hand.

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18 Jun 2018